We work with our clients to determine what the functions of their spaces should be, and then set up those spaces in easily-maintained ways. Whether organizing your current space or assisting with relocation in the greater Columbia-metro area into a new one, we’re here to help!

We create and implement decluttering, organizing and storage plans for the things you’ve accumulated over time. Whether focusing on a room, a garage, basement, or an entire home, we clear the chaos, make space, and compartmentalize belongings for our clients that that suits the intended use of the space. Contact us for an on-site consultation to customize a plan that fits your needs and budget.


Working side-by-side with the client, we help determine the value of items based on sentiment, monetary worth and usefulness. This assists clients in making intentional choices about items that need to be kept, tossed, or donated.


This service begins with an overall reset of the home, which includes decluttering and organizing. We then offer weekly or monthly sessions to maintain your tidied home. Please contact us for specifics about this serve.


We meet with your family to decide which areas are causing the most anxiety.  We can help with any sized space, from pantries and closets, to entire homes, to garages and storage units.  We work to create systems that organizes your space to suit your needs and keep it organized.  We shop for all items necessary for organization, which can include shelving, containers, bins, hangers, hooks, etc.

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